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Packaging Prude

Is there anything more deserving of the “first world problem” title as hard to open packaging? It’s so frustrating when we have to reach for a pair of scissors to get in to our bags of ... Read More

Do you like to grab a drink after work on Thursdays to unwind? So do we! Have you ever tried to make some of your favorite martinis at home so you can enjoy them on a random night with friends ... Read More
Chef Jacques La Merde is having loads of fun it seems, plating gorgeous meals on Instagram. The kicker? He's taken everyday junk food and made it look glorious. Check them out: THIS IS A DUO OF POGOS W/ MARBLE CHEEZE SLICES, ... Read More
Stinkin’ Sink

With so many living without the privilege that is in-sink garburators, the invention of those little kitchen sink catchers have saved many from plumbers-crack rescue calls, and even more cherry tomatoes from meeting an untimely ... Read More