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I remember the day I truly became an adult - it was the first time I appreciated the taste of an amazing, aged balsamic vinegar. Not only did I say goodbye to “Zesty Italian” for good, but I ... Read More
I love me some margaritas but I was disgusted to learn that those sour, sugary mixes bars and restaurants use  are LOADED with calories. Scoff if you must, but ask yourself if you’d rather have a more natural, healthier  margarita ... Read More
You know those sex act jokes, the ones like "donkey punch" and "rusty trombone"? (If you don't, we'll wait while you look 'em up on Urban Dictionary.) Well, comedian Liz Miele noticed those jokes had one thing in common: ... Read More
Water Water Everywhere

Look, it's lovely when your girlfriend drinks plenty of water. It keeps her skin soft, her muscles energized, and her, um, bowels functioning properly — at least according to this WebMD search we just did. But there's ... Read More

This "censored" version of a Sesame Street video is absolutely priceless. By just bleeping out a single word, The Count's song goes from family friendly to NSFW. Spiders on the wall better keep their distance. After seeing that video, this picture of Snoop Dogg ... Read More