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Never heard of a michelada? We hadn't either before moving to Los Angeles. But under the scorching heat of the Southern California sun, we're not sure there's anything better. Exactly what's in a michelada is subject to hot debate. One of our friends, ... Read More
I grew up on snack packs. And while licking the renegade pudding on the foil packaging was often a highlight for some, my enjoyment came from maneuvering my way around the multi-flavoured cups. I would skillfully chip away ... Read More
Breakfast in Bed Gone Bad

Good morning, sweetheart. Coffee's on, and there's bread in the toaster. But that toast is going to be awfully dry unless you want me to use jelly that expired last year. How strong's your stomach? A lot of our #PartnerShaming is ... Read More

I’m not one for BuzzFeed posts but sometimes they are right on point. Take for example anything related to cats. Golden material. That crap gets shared 1.7 million times. I’ve had cats all my life so I’m more inclined ... Read More
The Leaning Tower of Garbage

Look, honey, we live in the world's smallest apartment and our bin is literally like 25 feet out the door. Is it really that hard to take the effing trash out? Why is it that people do this? It's smells awful, ... Read More