Culture Is It Bitchin’? 3 in 1 Breakfast Station

| Wednesday, 12 December 2012 16:53

We are constantly being told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, breakfast continues to be threatened by faulty alarms, hangovers and the elusive office break room vending machine. Well, fear not, because with the 3 in 1 breakfast station, it’s too simple to have a full breakfast not to.


Don’t sacrifice sleep, a stylish hair do or risk the onset of mid morning starvation because this contraption means fresh brewed coffee, eggs any way you like them and perfectly crispy toast (as long as you keep an eye on it), all at the same time! Okay, it’s not last night’s pizza quick, but at least everything will be cooked at the same time and ready to be devoured before you’ve cleaned the sleep from your eyes.

This kitchen assistant takes up little space at 15.5″ long, 8″ deep, 9″ tall, and will likely make your toaster oven and local greasy spoon obsolete. Just think of the grilled cheese you could construct, the egg “mcmuffins” you could imitate and the bacon. Lots and lots of fuel-your-morning bacon. And we don’t have to tell you how impressed your breakfast guests will be when you make brunch with this do-dad. Not Eggs Benedict from scratch impressed, but whatever. We haven’t been this excited about the future of our kitchen, since the invention of the home waffle iron or the freezer burrito.

When you consider purchasing this hilarious machine for the college student in your life, the $49.99 bill will seem small in comparisons to daily coffee shop runs and cafeteria plans. We can’t promise there won’t be grease spills or rotting leftovers because although it advertises easy clean up, we’re talking about people who don’t have time to use a fry pan. At least element timers can ensure that the whole kitchen won’t burn down if you’re in too big of a rush to shut it off. Instead, we can nearly guarantee that anyone within the area will float over on a stream of hot coffee and bacon aromas.

Well BK Community, will you be tossing out your microwave egg cookers and bacon trays for this device? Would it make a good gift this season?

By: Eva Severed 

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