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| Friday, 7 December 2012 10:00

Living in the modern age, we love watching shows like Mad Men because it gives us a look at the glamorous past. But of course, not all of it IS in fact glamorous *cough* women’s rights *cough.* Take a look at some of the little ways the 1960’s were a gas, and how in some other ways we’ll stick to the 2010’s.


Desk/Wall phones vs. Smart phones
This one might seem like a one sided argument, but we like the feeling of dialing, the sound of real ringing and not a ringtone, and the way a rotary phone cups your ear. Sure, we can’t post to Facebook or play Angry Birds on a desk phone, but you can’t deny their timeless charm. So, why not have the best of both world’s? Keep a desk phone at home, whether you use a home line or like it for decor.

Encyclopedia vs. Wikipedia
We do not envy the students of the 60’s. Can you imagine writing a paper when it meant carrying and searching through ridiculously large and limited books first? Looking up dirty words was much safer back then. At the same time, we can’t help but laugh at the kid’s who think Abraham Lincoln worked in cahoots with The Transformers, because they read it online. We can’t help but feel like Wiki has set up a generation for failure, but we’re not making bookshelf room for 10 volumes of encyclopedias anytime soon. 

Home Movies vs. Youtube
I never got the chance to gather round a projector to watch auntie Annie’s trip to the beach and my parent’s never figured out handy cams, so my potty training has been left in the memory banks. But really, I should be thankful that those same videos I haven’t seen haven’t been shared worldwide. Youtube is great for cat videos and embarrassing teens. Believe you me, my kids “precious memories” will be shared if they don’t cooperate at the dinner table.

Flea Markets vs. eBay
Flea markets still exist, but are little more than an excuse for merchants to sell outdated gaming equipment, rugs and questionable food on sticks. Today, our junk is better sold to people in other cities, who couldn’t possibly know how lame or overpriced it is. eBay has actually stepped on most small selling endeavors, like garage sales, swap meets and illegal check-out-the-watches-in-my-trench-coat sales. I have always preferred antique shops and barns to both options.

Organic Food vs. Organic Food at Walmart
Here’s one thing we can appreciate, easy access to good foods. It used to be that you have to visit your local co-op, or seek out the town hippie for good organic fruits and veggies. Now, not only do we have specialty stores like Whole Foods to meet our every need, but more and more brands are accommodating our various food allergies and pickiness. Heck, we can even order rare stuff online! But I guess access to crap foods go hand in hand. We could live in a world without candy corn Oreos. Just sayin’.

Wayne Newton vs. Lil’ Wayne
It goes without saying that music has come a long way. A terrible, terrible way. Mr.Vegas used to sing beautiful lyrics like “I can see hearts carved on a tree, letters intertwined for all time yours and mine, that was fine,” and now he’s known as a “puffy faced” guy that was on Dancing With The Stars. Lil’ Wayne “sang,” “shawty wanna thug, bottles in the club. Shawty wanna hump, you know I like to touch your lovely lady lumps.” So back when women had less rights, men sang them sweeter nothings? Rip off!

Aerobics vs. P90x
Exercise in the 60’s was all hot sauna suits, belt massagers and “twisting” the calories off. Now, ladies work harder than ever doing fitness DVD programs, bootcamps and Crossfit. Of course, the ideal body has changed too. Hourglass has made way for muscle bound or thin and sweating simply isn’t enough to achieve it. We’re not sure if we’d rather face the 60’s fad machinery, or put up with one more Zumba class. 

Until we reach 2065 and the time machine is invented, we’re going to have to be content living in the era we’re born in. But that doesn’t mean we can’t continue to watch the show, rock the outfits and eat off Nadia’s Mad Men(u) until then. And drink at work, right?

By: Eva Severed

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