Food 10 Mac & Cheese Recipes That’ll Make You Ditch The Box

| Thursday, 22 May 2014 18:12

Sure, my love affair with mac n’ cheese did blossom from a cardboard box. But today, when I’m looking for a nostalgic fix of the yellow stuff, I look towards the ooey-gooey, stove top, oven baked, and topping stuffed varieties of the interwebs. We’ve spared you the countless hours of searching (and craving) by compiling the 10 best. Forks up, newrds.

Skinny Cauliflower Mac and Cheese

Sure, serving yourself two servings of pasta might not make you think “reduced fat” or “skinny,” but this mac n’ cheese recognizes your addiction and tries to justify it with the addition of cauliflower. Thanks for always having our back, mac.


Thanks @damn_delicious!

Skillet Mac & Cheese with Rye Bread Crumbs

It’s a proven science, carbs go well with carbs. So crumbling buttery rye bread crumbs on top of skillet cooked noodles is a match made in heaven. We know kiddies don’t love crust and crunch too much, but it’s what soft, cheese soaked elbows really need. So you can make it and call it an adult food.


Barbecue Pulled Pork White Cheddar Mac & Cheese

Everything is improved by the addition of a salty pork product. Well, this mac n’ cheese goes above and beyond, not just for having pulled pork, but for cooking it with beer. We didn’t know this was missing in our lives until we laid eyes on it. That’s the definition of true love, isn’t it?


Thanks @lifeastrawberry!

Mac-n-cheese Lasagna

We understand that some people have certain prejudices against pasta shapes. So if you and elbow macaroni have never gotten along (they face a lot of criticism for their tiny stature, a pain I know all too well), you can have all the flavour of a great bowl of cheesy comfort, but on a plate, and in a lasagna. Same difference.


Thanks @viewkitchen!

Black and Blue Mac and Cheese

Purist mac n’ cheese fiends might have never considered blue cheese or fontina in their dish, but they pair brilliantly with flank steak and a cajun spice mix. Don’t believe us? We’ll happily polish off the supposed 4-6 servings of this black and blue delicacy ourselves.


Thanks @fabtasticeats!

Sriracha Mac and Cheese

Most people with addictive personalities might find more than one food is controlling their cravings. We, for example, are sriracha addicts too. So pairing the too is a no brainer really. No, really, we don’t even think about dumping the hot stuff on top. This recipe actually limits the amount we would use. But the jalapeño and panko keeps us in check, thankfully.


Thanks @lifeislikefood!

Chipotle Mac and Cheese Pizza

Um…we’re not sure how to digest this information. Mac n’ cheese pizza. PIZZA, people. We’re back in carb on carb heaven, and we think we might never come back. You can actually ignore the fact that this recipe is completely vegan, because despite sparing animal-kind, it’s turning us in to complete animals. Drool and claw marks have ruined our laptop screens.

mac-cheese-pizza 061

Thanks @veganricha!

Gnocchi Mac n’ Cheese

When Nadia G first revolutionized our poutine with gnocchi, we thought we’d found the one and only true use of these delicious, pillowy pasta alternatives. And while we make her gnocchi poutine on the regular, we think we’ll have to save at least some of our gnocchi for this mac n’ cheese. We love the gruyere, fontana, and parmesan cheese combo here, too. You’ll need loose pants with this one.


Thanks @delishdeclass!

Mac and Cheese Spring Rolls

The biggest flaw, and perhaps only, of mac n’ cheese is it’s non-portability…even though bringing a bowl and fork on public transit does incite some serious jealousy. But when we saw these mac and cheese spring rolls, and we realized that our cravings were no longer confined. It’s true, this has taken our frequency of eating it up ten-fold. Just don’t forget napkins.


Thanks @AdvntrsinDinner!

Spicy Chard Mac ‘n’ Cheese Bites

Speaking of portability, these mac n’ cheese bites are uber-popable. That’s not their only quality either; they’re stuffed with spicy swiss chard. If you’ve eaten your way through this list, you’re probably in desperate need of greens. Scurvy is not pretty, people. But since we don’t live in moderation of mac n’ cheese, feel free to make these the amuse-bouche to the rest of this feast.


Thanks @joanneeatswell!

So there you have it. Ten reasons we’re permanently yellow and orange around the lips. Here’s hoping your comfort level is rising already.

By: Eva Severed 

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